Case Study: Designing For The Hub Of Transformation

“The ability to submit unlimited requests of graphic design and video edits – and I know that the quality to work coming out of creative bubble was high quality, consistent and reliable. That was a big burden off my shoulders and that’s what really attracted me to working with creative bubble.”

– Jaineel Mistry, Founder


Thriving Scholar is a hub for human transformation. They help transform lives of professionals in the workforce and entrepreneurs so that they lead life from within to then become heroic leaders at home, at work, and in their businesses. We spoke with the founder Jaineel Mistry about why they chose creative bubble and how they’ve enjoyed the experienced:

Tell us about your content challenges

Creating content is so important for every business and I have a lot of ideas, but when it comes down to actually executing those ideas and putting it out there to the world, it is very difficult.  The biggest issue was time but also the logistics of hiring designers back and forth.

What options did you consider?

What I was doing at the time when it came down to social media content was doing a lot of the graphic work myself and then when I had bigger projects I would hire a graphic designer and obviously that would come at a high cost for one project. I was considering hiring an in-house intern that could create content consistently, but then again it’s quite difficult to find someone at a reasonable price especially when you’re a startup and budgets are tight. Those were really my only options and I don’t want to sacrifice the quality of our work because that is really important to me. Ultimately, the price point was the biggest winner and the fact that includes a team of designers and video editors.

What attracted you to us?

The ability to send unlimited requests at a fixed monthly cost was really important for me and the fact that the content delivered was very high quality. There was no need to hire different kinds of graphic designers or editors. This allows me to focus on my business and allows me to get into my creative phase.  For me that’s what’s really worked and is working well so far.  I love the whole idea and it’s been very helpful.

What measurable benefits have you seen?

It’s two fold. Number one is that I’ve had less burden on my shoulders when it comes down to getting work done or doing graphic design or video edits. It has allowed me and my team to be able to just put requests through and not have to worry about the logistics.

Secondly because of that it has allowed me to become more creative and be able to create engaging pieces of content. It’s given me the permission to be creative and create more content which obviously then impacts the business as the more we put out the world, the faster I’m building relationships and growing my community. In all honesty there has been a huge growth for me this year and for the business.

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